Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love my husband

A water pipe broke along our servitude last week and we were pretty sure it was ours. Terry started digging it out to fix, along with the help of one of our neighbors. Come to find out it wasn't our line, but the line of our other neighbor, a guy that's been very sick and on dialysis this last year. My wonderful husband didn't miss a beat, went out and rented a pump and fixed the line. Now my husband is a professional Mr.FixIt Guy (as he often reminds me), but he HATES plumbing. Actually it's a mutual hate. Every time he gets roped into a plumbing job things go wrong, leak, bust, and otherwise end up costing lots of money and, occasionally, the assistance of a Plumber. This job thankfully went well and the neighbor was forever grateful. And to top it off, the other neighbor (the one that helped fix the line) is a shrimp dealer and gave us 30# of fabulous raw shrimp.

So yeah, I'm pretty proud of my hubby for fixing the busted line that wasn't ours without much grumbling even though he's been working long hours AND it's been freaking hot outside.

Oh yeah, also pretty excited about my cookie class at the Chef school this weekend, also in thanks to my husband as it was my birthday present J

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