Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cake class!

I've had an ongoing love affair with cake as long as I could remember.  So of course I couldn't wait to go to cake class at the local Culinary Institute this weekend.  I definitely learned a few new tricks, and enjoyed playing with all the commercial equipment and materials.

Yellow Chiffon Cake

The chrunchy looking stuff on the sides is a type of sweet rice.  It makes up for my lack of frosting talent and makes the cake look fancy ;-)

I got home all inspired to cook and made a dozen pizza crusts so the kids can have pizza throughout the week.

And of course I had to make homemade tomato sauce to go with it.  I read about this neat trick to tomato sauce the other day - putting home grown tomatoes on the grill for a few minutes before cooking them.  I am most definitely hitting the farmers market for more tomatoes this weekend since my tomato plants are refusing to be productive members of my household.

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