Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tastes like chicken

Last year  I asked my husband if he could throw together some type of pen so I could have a couple of chickens. My husband is a contractor, we've got loads of wood lying around, so I thought it would be easy as pie.  I forget my husband doesn't do anything simple. 

But I did get my coop.

Yes, I know... it looks like Fort Knox.  Lucky for the chickens, since we've got coyotes, foxes, racoons, possums, and other assorted uninvited wildlife living on our property, all of which would love a nice chicken dinner, or at least a few eggs for breakfast.

That fancy looking half moon window was my contribution.  I went to our local Restore in search of a cheap window and scored that one for $6.  Believe it or not it was the cheapest window they had.

My daughter the budding artist designed the interior.

I kinda think it looks like bloody handprints, but hey, the chickens didn't complain.

Very handy feature so I can collect eggs without dodging chicken poop.

And of course, a few chickens.

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